Anti-slip treatments

At Unique Blasting and Coatings we are expert in anti-slip treatments, working with all types of tiles, marble, granite and concrete surfaces.

We specialise in the public sector, working with local government facilities across Western Australia and our step by step process is second to none. We work not only to ensure your slippery surface has that much needed grip, but also work to ensure it is brought back to the best condition possible.

Safety is something that is extremely important to our clients, and us, and as such we take extreme pride in our anti-slip applications.

Our anti-slip solutions can be used in all commercial environments such as swimming pools, aged care facilities, gyms, hotels, commercial kitchens, childcare facilities, retail facilities and industrial workshops.

We are also to provide a service to residential customers.

Our treatments use the latest technology in epoxy and polyurethane floor coatings and meet the highest safety standards.

To see examples of our work, visit our gallery of recent jobs.

I must say the anti-slip treatment on our floor has been a resounding success, the number of complaints relating to slippery floor tiles have all but disappeared. Where we would receive a number of complaints per week we now rarely get a comment.

Of course the pale colour of our floor tiles shows up every dirty footprint but the sealer that was applied makes it a lot easier to clean as the dirt doesn’t get ground in.”

Jeff Fondacaro

Coordinator Aquatic and Operations
Beatty Park Leisure Centre